• XrisP Co., Ltd.

Company Information

    • CEO/Founder
    • Xris Sohn
    • Main Business
    • VRAR, XR
    • Company Tel
    • +82-10-2761-4944
    • Address
    • (04630) 3floor, 50, Toegye-ro 20-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
    • Website
    • www.xrisp.com

Company Details

  • Company Introduction
  • XrisP Plans, Produces, & Serves ICT converged products (content, hardware, software) based on its own IP,  and provides creative content IP for global distribution. Targeting children and families, our digital interactive kids café  offers real-life animation experience using immersive technology such as MR, AR, and holograms. Branches are located at Skyline Plaza Frankfurt, Germany and within Lotte Marts throughout Korea. XrisP plans and  produces creative Digital Content, based on its own IP for global distribution. We are expanding our business to high-tech Digital Kids Cafés and Theme Parks based on our popular animated TV series “Rollercoaster Boy, Nori”. At NORI Digital Kids Café, visitors are given a real-life experience of our animated world using immersive technologies such as MR, AR, holograms, etc.. We target children under elementary school-age + and their family. We have opened six locations in Korea and our first global branch in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • History
  • 2012 Start up the Business
    2015 Contract and Invest with Henan York(Chinese Company) for production of NORI(TV animation)
    2017 Broadcast NORI globally on Amazon Prime, CCTV(China), KBS(Korea), etc..
    2018~2018 Launch 6 of NORI Digital Park in Korea and Germany
    2020~2021 Launch 3 of NORI Cube XR Immersive Room System 
    • Product Keyword
    • ##4th industry ##CT ##Metaverse
  • Product and Service Introduction

  • - Beyond the limits of the commercial business model of VR, it is possible to commercialize Creation of a new business model for CG-based convergence content
    - Using location-based positioning sensor, interactive MR multi experience is possible
    - Utilizing world-class CG image technology, in digital theme parks and commercial spaces Installation and operation of commercial exhibition halls
    • Contact Person
    • Xris Sohn CEO +82-10-2761-4944 xrissohn@xrisp.com