Company Details

  • Company Introduction
  • DG Entertainment is a first generation serious game developer company. It develops a motion-recognition solution, serious games, tangible contents, and edutainment contents. It installed and delivered its service to domestic and international exhibitions, experience halls, the National Science Museum, and kids cafes. In 2012, it is running ‘PlayWorld 3D’, a metaverse platform for exhibitions.

  • History
  • Registration of Data Voucher supply company with 2020
    Registration of K-Data K-Non-contact Voucher supply company with 2020
    D-N-A Innovation companies 100 (According to National Information Society Agency(NIA) )with 2019
    SK Broadband Btv appstore contents service with 2015
    Selected as KERIS(Korea Education & Research Information Service) teaching materials with 2014
    • Product Keyword
    • ##Metaverse ##AR ##VR
  • Product and Service Introduction

  • 1) Metaverse platform that is based on the technology we invented on our own
    -Enhancement of domestic technology made possible by web-based metaverse 3D rendering that has been developed by DG entertainment
    -Using a source technology that we invented for compatible network, the metaverse platform can be continually updated by enabling experiment and compensation by the own company
    2) Non-contact exhibition, and education using real-time engine.
    -Increasing versatility of exhibition using metaverse platform is expected. Also, expansion into education business will change the ways of existing non-contact education as well as improve it
    3) Opening exhibition using metaverse without installation
    -Booths can be installed in a virtual space of the metaverse and images of the participating companies can be inserted
    -Metaverse platforms can be customized depending on the preferences and the needs of the users. It is different from just participating in a space that has been set up by the provider
    -Users can freely come to a variety of exhibitions of different subjects
    -It can complement the limitation of existing face-to-face offline exhibition as users can have an easy access to various information
    4) Development of custom service
    -The system that meets the purpose and the identity of the exh
    -It is possible to emphasize on the individuality of each company and distinctiveness through the user-friendly system development
    • Contact Person
    • Min gu Her employee +82-53-653-3511